Parque Estacionamento Vale de Cambra
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Vale de Cambra´s Parking has undergone a complete rebranding. The objective was to develop a global and integrated campaign that, on one hand, would contradict the perception of the citizens regarding this place and, at the same time, stimulate its use by the population with the clear presentation of the developed selling points. Changes in price and schedules, increases in security and convenience have led to the creation of a new identity that is intended to be more emotional, with the presence of a heart in the logo, and culminating in the signature “in the heart of the city." The new positioning has in its genesis the concept of proximity, both physical / geographical and emotional, summarized in the phrase "Close to everything. Close to you. "
The campaign included the creation of the entire corporate identity of the communication elements in the parking space, but also the design and production of the communication and dissemination media of this new reality, grouping billboards, mupis, flyers, catalogs, newspaper ads , posters, promotional video and website.

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